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Our Books

Six Decades a Missing President-the untold story Why Nigeria Fails.

This book discussed extensively the challenges facing Nigeria and why Nigeria has remained stagnant despite its rich resources.
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This book draws on analytical reminiscence and experiences, and presents an indispensable guide and exposition to the causative elements of Nigeria problematic vortex-to the shifting landscape of orientation and ideology characterization. An insight exploration of Nigeria's social impasse and impending implosion.
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Environmental Law: Human Rights and Globalization.

This book explains in a broadest sense the concept of environmental law and in a concise demension, the nature, scope and dynamics' of the concept.
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Law in Tears

Drawn from the cutting-age frontiers of sociology of law and the comparative realistic experiences of judicial practice in Nigeria of west Africa and the United States of America. This book explains everything that will revolutionize your understanding of the problems affecting the inner morality of the law and the spirit of justice in moments of political, social and ideological tension.
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Our Services

We are ready to unleash our intellectual prowess to solve your problems and contribute to the developemnt of a nation.

Law Research Consultancy & General Administrative Services

We provide legal research services, law review and general Administrative services.
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Environment, Health & Safety

We provide essential legal review and expertise, as well as policy and technical support systems to address complex environmental challenges and ensure compliance with regulations..
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Oil & Gas Services

We have experts in petroleum and environmental law that provide legal review and expertise for the oil and gas sector.
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Education & Publishing

We undertake preparation, marketing and issuing of books, reports, journals and other intellectual materials for sales and distribution, and we render services that are intellectually tasking, and we publish intellectual materials
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Configuration of institutions and other organizational organograms, development of proposals, technical manuals and policy formulations programs.
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We undertake publication and distribution of Magazines, Newspapers,Law Reports, Intellectual Journals and other intellectual resource materials.
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Financial Services, Sales, investments & Debt Recovery.

We offer expert guidance and undertake services on debt recovery, investments, financial management and financial goals for global and domestic clients and the general public.
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Information Technology, Communication Services & Digital Marketing.

We undertake ICT and digitalization services as a backbone of modern business, enabling seamless connectivity, technological innovation, and targeted outreach to thrive in the digital age.
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Clients Portfolios and Case Management / Coordination

We Coordinate cases, manage clients-representative relationship, interactions, provide case management methodologies, develop,streamline and organize client information and legal cases, enhancing efficiency and providing a comprehensive overview for effective decision-making.
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